Pasta made with fresh tuna caught in South Australia

Dwayne’s Pasta with Creamy Tuna and Caper Sauce

This is another meal we made using the tuna caught on our sail from Cape Jaffa to Rivoli Bay in South Australia’s south east. In fact Dwayne cooked this and the accolades are all his, however there was a small group effort involve due to the circumstances.

Blue fish tuna caught of South Australia coast
Katrina and Dwayne with the catch of the day!

The day after catching this very delicious little fishie, we were motor-sailing to Port MacDonnell. There was not a breath of wind but the swell was four metres. The swell makes me feel very ill so I was sitting up on the cabin top in the fresh air, with Katrina who was on this trip with us (Katrina also felt sick in the cabin at this stage).

Dwayne decide he wanted tuna pasta for lunch so he asked me what he should do. So as I sat on the cabin top making suggestions as to what he should put in it, Katrina sat in the cockpit chopping the veggies and Dwayne was in the galley cooking up an awesome warm savoury meal which is just what Katrina and I needed!

Dwayne made his creamy tuna sauce with garlic, onion, white wine, chilli, zucchini, capers, lime juice and cream. The end product was delicious!

Pasta made with fresh tuna caught in South Australia

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