About Us

We are live aboard boaties who set sail from Adelaide, Australia, on the 4th of May 2014. Our yacht, Thorfinn, is a 45 foot steel Adams designed cutter.   To learn more about our yacht or our travels visit – http://trippinturpins.com

We love fishing, cooking, and eating exotic food.

Cooking our Catch
Fishing, catching and cooking seafood! We enjoy coming up with different ways to eat the fish, octopus, oysters, crabs etc that we catch.

Cooking with Local Ingredients
Our love of exotic cuisine and our desire to travel the world has inevitably led to us cooking with local and/or exotic ingredients. Visiting the local markets and purchasing fresh produce that we
a. have never seen before
b. don’t know the name of, and
c. don’t know how to cook…. is a lot of fun!

And undoubtedly there will be Cocktails!!


4 thoughts on “About Us”

    1. I’m not much of a photographer. Currently I have a Canon Power Shot SX 530 HS… not my choice, hubby bought it…I am hoping to get something different. I really only use point and shoot cameras. I had a great Lumix and I am hoping to get another one.


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