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Crab Salad

This is another little creation I made while anchored in Darwin Harbour. It was after I got back from my trip to Adelaide. While in Adelaide working my butt off, painting etc, Dwayne was in Darwin, fishing, crabbing and going to the races….. anyhow he caught a couple of crabs and knew better than to eat them while I was away.

Prepared mud crabs

I’ve been wanting a crab salad ever since we hit mud crab territory but had, as yet, had little luck. With the heat in Darwin during the ‘build-up’ making cooking unpleasant, I decided to use one of the cooked mud crabs for this simple salad.

Crab Salad

I used a food stack mould and layered it with a slice of honeydew and rockmelon, shredded lettuce and then a layer of crab and diced cucumber. I topped the salad with a dressing I made with lime juice, walnut oil, mirin, sweet chilli and sesame oil.

Crab Salad

Delicious and very refreshing in the humidity.

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Oysters Three Ways

Oysters Three Ways - Bloody Mary Oyster Shot, Grilled Oysters with Mirin, Soy & Chilli, Salt & Pepper Oysters with Caper & Tomato Salsa.
Oysters Three Ways – Bloody Mary Oyster Shot, Grilled Oysters with Mirin, Soy & Chilli, Salt & Pepper Oysters with Caper & Tomato Salsa.

Another yummy oyster feed made with oysters plucked from the rocks in QLD.

Bloody Mary Oyster Shots

I popped a fresh oyster into each shot glass and added about half a shot of vodka to each glass. Then I added tomato juice and a couple of dashes of tabasco sauce.

Bloody Mary Oyster Shots
Bloody Mary Oyster Shots



Salt and Pepper Oysters with a Tomato Caper Salsa

For the salsa 

I mixed finely chopped tomato and capers and refrigerated it until needed.

Salt and Pepper Oysters with a Tomato Caper Salsa
Tomato Caper Salsa

For the oysters 

I mixed a small amount of cornflour with freshly ground salt and black pepper. I lightly coated the oysters and deep fried them for 1 – 2 minutes.

Fried oysters with tomato and caper salsa

To serve

I put the oysters in ceramic Chinese soup spoons and topped each oyster with the salsa.


Fried Salt & Pepper Oysters Tomato Caper Salsa


Grilled Oysters with Mirin, Soy and Chilli

For the mirin and soy dressing

I mixed one tablespoon of mirin with one tablespoon of soy.

To cook and serve

I put an oyster in each shell (I use odd shells I have collected) and added a bit of the dressing and topped each oyster with a couple of slices of chilli. Then I grilled the oysters for 1 – 2 minutes.

Grilled Oysters with Mirin, Soy and Chilli


Oysters Three Ways
Oysters Three Ways



Oysters Three Ways

Teriyaki Marlin Sushi

At Cape Bedford, in Far North Queensland, windy conditions prevented us from going ashore. Unable to get off the boat and with little to do, my mind inevitably turned to thoughts of food. I often think about what I can do with fish to spice things up a bit. This particular day I decided that for lunch the following day we would have Teriyaki Marlin Sushi. So I dug deep into the freezer where the last of the marlin is and took out a piece to defrost. Once defrosted (doesn’t take long in tropical QLD) I put it into a container with some teriyaki marinade and put it into the fridge.

The next day we sailed to Lizard Island where once anchored, I made the sushi for lunch. Ten years ago in Broom, WA, I was taught to make sushi by a Korean lady named Hee. Hee was the Cable Beach Resort head sushi chef and she taught me to make it with raw fish, and we love it with raw fish. However, the fish was not fresh which is why I decided to marinate it and cook it.

Once I had gathered all my ingredients, and my sushi mat, I set to work.

sushi seasoning, mirin dressing


Teriyaki marinated marlin fillet

1 cup Sushi rice
1 ½ cups cold water
2 Tablespoons Sushi Seasoning
3 Nori sheets
Pickled ginger
Whole Egg Mayonnaise
Soy sauce

To make the sushi…

I cooked the sushi rice and seasoned it with the sushi seasoning. Then I lightly fried the marlin, sliced the cucumber, drained the ginger and made a dipping sauce with the soy and mirin.

Cooking strips of marlin for sushi

To roll the sushi….

I placed the nori sheet on my sushi mat and spread the lower third of the nori with some of the rice then I spread a bit of wasabi and mayo on it. Topped the rice with the marlin, cucumber strips and pickled ginger and rolled it up.

Making marlin sushi with ginger, cucumber and wasabi

I served it with some extra wasabi and the soy mirin dipping sauce.

The marlin sushi ready to eat.

Tempura Oysters

Tempura Oysters are my favourite. Even more so when we have plucked the oyster fresh from the rocks ourselves! While in Broken Bay, North of Sydney NSW we had the opportunity to treat ourselves to fresh oysters a few times.

This particular day I decided to do tempura oysters three ways; dressed with soy & mirin, wasabi mayo and chilli ginger mirin.

Collecting oysters from the rocks

My tempura oysters with three different dressings.

 I made a simple tempura batter with plain flour, powdered egg and soda water. Deep fried the battered oyster for one to two minutes and then dress them with the sauce. Simple, easy and delicious!

Yummy tempura oysters